Are you in search of a trustworthy fixed income option to incorporate into your investment portfolio?

Well then, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.(SCB) is issuing “10.30% Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Debentures” from Magh 26 to Falgun 1( Will be extended till Falgun 11 if not fully subscribed). The debenture has a short maturity period of 5 years & will be redeemed on 2084 B.S.

The bank will float 24 lakhs units of debentures at a face value of Rs.1000 each.

You can apply for a minimum of 25 units( worth Rs.25 thousands ) & maximum of 1,00,000 units( worth Rs.10 crores) .

ICRA Nepal has provided the issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] AAA to the SCB for the third year in a row. SCB is the only AAA rated company in Nepal .The AAA rating signifies the highest degree of safety for adherence to financial obligations.

As the market projection suggests a decrease in the market interest rates from double digit figures, investing in SCB Debentures can provide you with a reliable source of fixed income. Additionally, you have the option to sell the debentures at the secondary market, offering the opportunity to redeem your investment at any time. Given these factors, we believe this to be a highly advantageous opportunity and suggest considering applying for the debenture.

(A low risk & a decent return investment)