Struggles of a startup founder in Nepal!

Starting and growing a business in Nepal comes with its own set of unique challenges. As a founder, I know firsthand the struggles of navigating the local market, securing funding, and building a strong team.

Access to capital remains a major obstacle for many entrepreneurs in Nepal. While the new financing options are slowly evolving, we still have to rely on personal savings or loans from friends and family.

Recruiting & retaining top talent is also a struggle in Nepal. With limited job opportunities, employees are often tempted to jump ship for a better offer. Local business now have to compete with international companies esp. for tech talents.

And then there is legal framework where most entrepreneurs struggle. Multiple registrations, approvals, licensing and compliance takes up the most of your time if you cannot hire a lawyer.

Despite these challenges, it is indeed praiseworthy that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and growing!

And we need to keep pushing forward. The journey is difficult but is definitely worth it. If you are struggling with any legal or financial issues, I am happy to help. Call me at +977-9851241139 or drop an email to

Together, we can build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country!