V1.23.118: Khatapana New Updates

New Updates: V1.23.118

As you are all aware that we wanted to allow users from across the world to sign up and try Khatapana!

Following our last updates, we got some exciting feedbacks and also an issue was reported by Nikesh Bhattarai from UK as follows:

“trying to add a party in the app and when i put Uk number and save it, it throws error and does not save.”

We have now fixed this issue and made some additional updates as follows:

:heavy_dollar_sign:Changes to support international users (currency, payment flow UIs)

:closed_lock_with_key:Forget password flow for international users

:family_man_man_girl_boy:Party addition with internationally supported country code

:heavy_check_mark:Some UI changes and bug fixes

You may also help us by trying out Khatapana and providing us with your feedback, suggestions and by supporting issue.

We are on a journey to make everyone financially empowered and this won’t be possible without your support!

And yes, we have exciting gifts for you.

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